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Used forklift parts are indispensable for those shopping on budget or simply looking to save without having to compromise on the quality of their forklift parts. Used forklift parts can still serve you for long periods of time, provided they have been tested before being passed on to buyers. What remains important is to make sure that all your bases are covered when you go shopping for a OEM forklift parts.

Used forklift parts are often salvaged from damaged and old forklifts

We salvage all our lift parts from forklifts that have gone beyond repair or ready to retire but the parts still have plenty of life left in them. When we pull our parts they are inspected, cleaned, and categorize in our database before putting them up for sale. There are several advantages associated with buying used forklift parts, and some of them include:

  • They are very helpful during emergencies when new parts are still unavailable and you want the forklift to get back to work as soon as possible
  • It is often helpful to buy individual used parts instead of entire assemblies
  • Used forklift parts are available at affordable prices and our parts are up to 70 percent of the brand-new OEM pricing
  • When your forklift is no-longer being manufactured, used forklift parts come in handy and we have parted over 12,000 lifts since 1993
  • Some dealers will offer warranties on lift truck salvage parts. We offer a warranty on all of our used forklift parts.

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Due to copyright laws we are not able to list all makes that we carry. We have a list of serial numbers that we carry on our miscellaneous forklift page. If you do not see your number contact us and we will see if we have your part. *NOTE: The products described herein are used and purchased for resale. Absolute Lift Parts is not in any way associated or affiliated with the Companies or Company Products that we have listed on our site.

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