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Lift Truck / Forklift Attachments

We carry a wide range of Used Forklift attachments to fit most brands of Forklifts. Not all of the used forklift attachments that we carry are listed on our website. We will be posting attachments as we get them ready for sale so if you do not see the type of attachment that you need for your Forklift let us know and we will let you know if we have it available or coming available in the warehouse. We have attachments coming in and going out daily so be sure and let us know. We have access to the full line of Cascade Forklift Attachmnets so we can supply you with any requirement you may have.

The used forklift carton clamps we carry are designed for the warehousing, beverage, appliance and electronics industries, carton clamps allow palletless handling, and save money on pallet purchasing, maintenance, shipping and storage. Also improve warehouse space utilization. 

The used roll clamps we carry are for meeting the paper roll industry’s need for damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency, Cascade offers a full line of paper roll clamps and roll clamp damage reduction options to handle paper rolls regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper. Cascade's rugged paper roll clamps handle paper rolls of every size for industries from stevedoring to printing.

Cascade Carton Clamp
Cascade Carton Clamp Side
CAscade Carton Clamp Back
cascade carton clamp front
Cascade Forklift Attachments

Cascade Carton Clamp Forklift Attachment

Model # 25D-CC-35Q
Serial # 2Q8929-00632P
Weight - 1480 lbs
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Cascade Roll Clamp LS
Cascade Roll Clamp Front
Cascade Roll Clamp RS
Cascade Roll Clamp Back
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Cascade Paper Roll Forklift Attachment

Model # 90-FRCS-188
Serial # PTL-943623-3
60" Clamp
Weight - 3221 lbs.
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*NOTE: The products described herein are used and purchased for resale. Absolute Lift Parts is not in any way associated or affiliated with the Companies or Company Products that we have listed on our site.
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