What to Do When your Forklift Reaches the End of its Life

Although you can extend the life of your forklift by installing OEM forklift parts and making sure you have your forklift service done on time, there comes a time when you have to retire it. The main reason for retiring forklifts is a scenario wherein its value is surpassed by its running costs. While you can go for forklifts for sale or forklifts for rent to replace it, you need to find a responsible and resourceful way to dispose the old truck. In this blog, we look at some of the ways you can consider when retiring an old forklift.

Keep it as Backup

If the forklift still runs but has only been compromised in terms of its working hours or efficiency, you can still keep it as backup for your new acquisition. This eliminates stoppages whenever there is a problem with one of your main forklifts.


If you are retiring your forklift early before it totally gives up, you can explore the option of trading it in. This allows you to exchange it for a new or used forklift truck for sale with the option of topping up a little cash.

Sell to parts/scrap dealers

If the forklift has no life left, the next best thing that can happen to it is being dismantled for reusable forklift parts and scrap metal. You can either break it up yourself if you have the technical knowhow, tools and workspace, or sell it to dealers and junkyards that specialize in used or salvage forklift parts or scrap metal. Such a deal allows you to recoup some of the expenses associated with buying a new or used replacement forklift.

Reassign it

If the forklift is still functional but at reduced efficiency, you can move it to a different section of the warehouse or job site that requires lifting and hauling of lighter loads. You may still enjoy a few more years using the forklift before you are forced to retire it.

Consult Experts

Absolute Lift Parts offers Used OEM forklift parts in Atlanta and surrounding jurisdictions to help you maintain your fleet and extended the trucks’ working life. You can even find salvage forklifts parts to keep your old truck going. Call us today at 877-475-5438 or mail to sales@absoluteliftparts.com.

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