Understanding the Dangers of Damaged Forklift Forks

Good forklift maintenance entails servicing your trucks whenever service is due and replacing or repairing damaged, worn, non-functional parts. Discussions around the subject often emphasize the need to buy OEM forklift parts all the time. However very little or nothing is ever said about one of the most important and potentially dangerous forklift parts of them all – the forks. Perhaps the obvious giveaway that illustrates the significance of forks is that forklifts are named after them. They do the actual lifting and hauling of heavy loads.

Why checking forks is important

Apart from the fact that they are often ignored, forks also keep their secrets close to the chest. Damaged forks will still look new on the outside even though they may be hiding alarming levels of damage. If damage to the forks goes undetected for long, the results can be catastrophic as they can suddenly give in while hauling heavy loads.

How forks get damaged

Apart from the wear and tear that occurs during normal use, forks can also be damaged beyond safety in any one of the following ways:
• Collision with walls or building columns
• During repair, by applying excessive heat
• By being used as a battering ram
• Picking off-balance loads
• Picking and hauling above capacity loads
• Being dragged across the ground
• Any modifications such as drilling holes, welding, or bending
• Adding DIY attachments
• Handling loads too far out

The Way Forward

Accidents associated with damaged forks often take operators and technicians by surprise as it is easy to believe in their indestructibility. Even your morning visual inspection won’t detect signs of damage in the forks. One simple tool that you can employ to periodically check the level of wear is a wear caliper. You can also get them checked using more advanced techniques when you take your equipment for forklift service. When looking for forklift parts for sale in Atlanta, make sure to deal with an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers like Absolute Lift Parts subject parts like forks to standard safety tests, which are backed by a warranty.

We can help

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