Understanding Common Forklift Transmission-Clutch Issues

Transmissions installed on forklift trucks come in different designs. The basic function of a transmission is to convert power and drive the equipment. It works together with the clutch to effect the transition between different gears. Forklift transmissions that you can find include hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, and electric transmissions, which present different problems from ordinary vehicle transmissions.  Absolute Lift Parts provides a comprehensive range of used forklift parts, and salvage forklift parts for sale where you can find forklift oem parts to keep your transmission in tip-top condition. Here are some common industrial equipment transmission issues you need to know.

Electrical transmission

Electric forklifts are commonplace today and they feature a unique transmission-clutch combination. Electric energy is converted by generators into torque for the engine. They can also be transformed into turbo-electric drive through the addition of turbines. Most problems with electric forklift transmission-clutch function arises from electric components which can either fail or suffer shorts.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic transmission feature less moving parts as they employ hydraulics. This is commonly found on forklift trucks and mostly experience hiccups in extreme weather conditions. Their performance become compromised once the fluids get affected by the weather.  Also be on the lookout for issues between the transmission and the drive shaft.

Hydrodynamic Transmission

Although similar in most respects to hydrostatic transmission systems, they go beyond relying on pressure and also use the movement of the fluids itself. A greater number of seals and veins are employed by the motor, functioning in conjunction with the turbines. Always be on the lookout for clogged veins and pathways, and damaged seals when diagnosing problems and running maintenance.

Torque conversion Issues

Transmission-clutch problems in heavy industrial equipment can also be due to torque conversion issues. A torque converter that is unable to properly distribute speed and drive from the gears to other engine components results in transmission issues. This is often the case when your forklift truck experiences loss in power.

Let’s talk Forklift OEM Parts

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