Tips On Evaluating A Used Forklift Before Buying

If you are an average business owner or manager looking to buy a forklift, the proposition can be overwhelming. If you are looking to buy a used or salvage forklift truck, the situation becomes even more critical as you have to be in a position to evaluate its condition and establish the availability of forklift oem parts to avoid throwing your money down the drain. This blog shares a shortlist of 5 tips to guide you when checking out used forklifts.

Know How To Read The Hour Meter

All forklift trucks come equipped with an hour meter to help the operator/owner and servicing dealer track its usage. While some meters feature 5 digits others only have 4. The 4-digit meter will read 0000 once it reaches the 10,000-hour mark. Unscrupulous dealers may try to pass it on to unsuspecting shoppers at this point. Some meters capture various elements of the forklift such as hydraulic pump hours, drive hours, etc., making it important to be able to decode the information. Other issues to look out for include a replaced meter (which will start from 0000) or an unhooked or dead meter.

Unauthorized Chassis Modifications

Be on the lookout for any signs of welding, drilling, or heating on the chassis that has not been okayed by the manufacturer. Such modifications have the effect of weakening the structural components leading to premature failure. Other modifications to look for include the unauthorized addition of a counterweight.

Incomplete Capacity Data Plate

Over the life of a forklift, accessories and attachments of all nature and kind can be attached and removed without the consent of the manufacturer. This results in an inaccurate data plate that can be dangerously misleading.

Wrong Year Of Manufacture

You must make sure to verify any forklift truck’s year of manufacture before putting your money down. Contact the manufacturer with model and serial numbers of the forklift to have them verify the year of manufacture.

Harsh Previous Applications

You must be in a position to know in what work the forklift has been involved to eliminate those that have endured a tough life that may not be reflected in the hour meter reading. Get a comprehensive mechanical assessment and make sure that forklift oem parts are available on the market. You can also check for the availability of salvage forklift parts.

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