Safety Tips For Newbie Forklift Operators

Forklifts are huge, weighing in excess of three tons, and also very mobile as they can reach speeds of up to 10mph. This not only makes them best at helping you with materials handling but also potentially very dangerous. To ensure that utmost in safety around the warehouse or job sites, it is essential to ensure timely repairs and maintenance, go for genuine new or used forklift parts, and make sure all the operators are trained and certified to do the job. Special attention should be paid to newbie operators to make sure they get used to standard safety practices.

Check your forklift before each shift

Never operate a forklift that clearly is in need of repairs or maintenance. Operators must also check the gas and battery and immediately alert the shift supervisor in case any work needs to be done on the forklift. Absolute Lift Parts provides used, and salvaged Caterpillar forklift parts, Nissan forklift parts, Hyster forklift parts, and Toyota forklift parts at competitive prices, as well as expert forklift maintenance and forklift repair services by our sister company Accurate Forklift.

Never leave the machine unattended

Even in the absence of an accident, it is illegal to leave keys in an unattended forklift. It is gross negligence which opens the doors for a range of risks.

Adhere to warehouse or site rules and regulations

Forklift operators must take time to learn the rules and regulations at the job site and always adhere to them.

Keep floor and vehicular traffic in mind

Forklift operators must always be alert to the foot traffic in and around the warehouse or job site. It can be pretty dangerous to be distracted while operating a forklift and such negligence accounts for many forklift accidents, injuries, and even loss of life. Avoid use of mobile devices and constantly scan your environs for other traffic or hazards.

Engage in constant communication

Materials handling often involves teamwork, which makes it essential to maintain communication with team members. Take advantage of all available methods to communicate intent including signals and lights. Also check if your backup alarm and lights are working before every shift to ensure optimum safety.

Never hesitate to ask for a little help

If you are unsure about anything or suspect a problem, it pays to ask for help. Team work essentially entails helping one another accomplish set tasks and you will often find veterans in the team that are always ready to help with tried and tested tricks around material handling issues. When in need of original oem used or salvage forklift parts for your fleet or anything forklifts, talk to Absolute Lift Parts today. You can call us at 877-475-5438 – toll free or our international number at 770-692-1451. Alternatively, you can also fill out our contact form and we will contact you without delay.

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