Pros and Cons of Buying Used Forklift Trucks and Parts

Small businesses that are looking to grow their forklift truck inventory often look to used forklifts for affordable forklift trucks and used forklift parts. Large enterprises also routinely turn to used forklift parts and salvage forklift parts to find hard-to-find forklift oem parts. If you wish to get real value for your money, it makes sense to do your groundwork before going on the hunt for used and salvage forklift parts. Talk to us at 877-475-5438 for no-obligation expert assistance with your requirement. One good starting point is getting familiar with the pros and cons of used and salvage forklift parts.


  • One distinct advantage of buying used forklifts and forklift parts is the affordable cost. They are available at a fraction of the cost of brand new options and can serve you for extended periods given proper servicing.

  • The affordable prices make it easy and affordable to own and run a forklift fleet

  • Used forklifts and parts give you access to an extensive collection that spans many makes and models, including those that are no longer in production. This makes it easy and affordable to find rare forklift parts and keep old forklift trucks productive.

  • You can also find brand new models and parts that are still way pricey in lifting equipment showrooms

  • The abundance of options makes it easy to find compatible used forklift parts.


  • You need to do your homework before putting your money down. This includes researching on the reputation of the agent, knowing intimate details about your requirement, and inspecting all available options before you can buy.

  • Used and salvage forklift parts don’t have the protection of a standard warranty that features on new forklift parts. This makes it easy for you to lose your money on worthless parts. However, we offer a limited guarantee on all Toyota used forklift parts, Nissan used forklift parts, Caterpillar used forklift parts, and Hyster used forklift parts. This is because we test, and in some cases refurbish, all used forklift parts to make sure that they still have some life in them that justifies reuse.

  • It is easy to land the wrong part if you are not familiar with your requirement.

Let’s Talk Affordable Quality!

There are many other advantages that you stand to enjoy from buying used forklift trucks and parts. What sets us apart is that we offer comprehensive services and can help you identify your requirement, give advice, and provide impeccable forklift repairs and maintenance. Call Absolute Lift Parts today at 877-475-5438 to discuss your requirement with certified, experienced and passionate used forklift parts experts. We live and breathe affordable forklifts and parts!

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