Pro Tips on Forklift Battery Maintenance

It is important to maintain your forklift and ensure that its fitted with forklift oem parts all the time. One of the most important parts of your forklift truck is the battery. You need to know how to take care of this vital part of your trucks to make sure that you derive maximum value for your money. This is especially true for forklift that run on batteries as opposed to gas or diesel. Apart from regular maintenance, you need to adopt regular battery maintenance. Such care ensures that all your investment in forklift oem parts pays off and you experience minimum down times and the lifespan of your forklift is extended. Regular forklift battery maintenance helps you avoid frequent replacements of worn out batteries, which is rather expensive. It also helps improve overall forklift safety.

Charge it everyday after work

To get the most out of your charging cycles and keep the battery in an excellent condition it is important to let it run down during the day and place it on charge overnight. Engaging in quick charges robs you of the number of charge cycles that you stand to gain.

Leave every charge cycle to run its course

Once you plug in a battery for a charge, try not to interrupt it but allow the charge to run its course. Getting a full charge every time ensures that your forklift is ready for optimum performance and you get value from your battery.

Always change the battery in a dry place

Oxidation and dust can affect your battery in the absence of due caution. The best way to avoid to build up of rust is to change your battery in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place all the time.

Maintain optimum fluid levels

The levels of fluid that you maintain in your battery have an impact on its health. It is therefore important to maintain proper fluid levels by topping up after every 10 charges or so.

Keep battery clean

Last but not least, always keep your battery clean by ridding any accidental acid spillage. You can also rinse it twice every year or quarterly as required to make sure that it remains in the best health.

Keep your forklift well-maintained

Apart from maintaining your battery, the overall condition of your forklift also has an impact on the various components including the battery. Make sure that forklift oem parts are used every time you take it for servicing and make sure that any salvage forklift parts that you buy have been tested.

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