Preventing Racking Damage and Injuries in the Workplace

When it comes to workplace safety, forklift owners and operators need to look beyond the condition of the forklift trucks and consider a wide spectrum of important elements. Even after maintaining the trucks well and ensuring that they get forklift oem parts every time they go for repairs or servicing; a lot of dangers still lurk in the workplace. One of the potential hazards arises from racking damage. Racking systems demand correct use and proper maintenance, otherwise they become costly, dangerous, and capable of causing a huge inconvenience to your business. Let’s look at some of the steps that you can take to prevent stacking damage and accidents.

  • As always, the forklift operator is the first point of focus whenever there is talk about forklift and workplace safety. Forklift operators must be qualified and only work within their abilities.

  • Only the right forklift trucks should be used in your warehouse. There are various types of forklifts designed to work in differently configured environments such as reach and narrow aisle forklift trucks.

  • Passageways and aisles ought to be wide enough to allow for the free and safe movement of machinery and pedestrians.

  • Employ protective material or columns guards to avoid racking damage in the event that it gets accidentally hit by forklift trucks

  • Make sure that your racking system is properly secured to the floor base and each beam to each other. The racking must be sturdy before stacking any pallets.

  • Never exceed the maximum weight when stacking pallets onto the racking system. You must also stack them securely and evenly spread.

Parting Shot

It must be standard practice for any damage to the racking system to be reported, investigated, and repaired immediately to avoid accidents. If you are looking for forklift oem parts in Atlanta, dealers selling forklift salvage parts can help. You can find CAT forklift parts, Toyota forklift parts, and Hyster forklift parts at heavily discounted prices. A healthy forklift truck is the cornerstone of workplace safety!

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