New vs Used Forklift Parts: Which Way To Go?

During forklift maintenance, most organizations have to decide whether to go for new or used parts. The decision is not at all easy as there are a lot of considerations and implications of either decision. One thing that remains important is the need to make sure that every time you invest in spares, they are forklift oem parts, regardless of whether they are used or new. To help you arrive at a prudent decision, this blog looks at the various pros and cons of buying new as well used parts.

Used Forklift Parts

Used forklift parts are often salvaged from damaged and old forklifts that are beyond the scope of maintenance or repairs. It is advisable to buy used parts from professional dealers who inspect, clean, and categorize them before putting them up for sale. There are several advantages associated with buying used forklift parts, and some of them include:

  • They are very helpful during emergencies when new parts are still unavailable and you want the forklift to get back to work as soon as possible.

  • It is often helpful to buy individual used parts instead of entire assemblies

  • Used forklift parts are available at affordable prices that can be as low as 70 percent of the brand-new options.

  • When your forklift is no-longer being manufactured, used forklift parts come in handy

  • Some dealers will offer warranties on lift truck salvage parts.

New Forklift Parts

In certain instances, it is inescapable to buy brand new parts for a variety of reasons. Some of them include but are not restricted to:

  • With brand new forklift parts, you have the assurance of knowing that, apart from getting oem forklift parts, your investment will serve you for a long time and make sure that your equipment performs optimally and safely.

  • Brand new parts come with a manufacturer warranty that insulates you against repairs costs in the event that they malfunction

  • If you are looking to sell your forklift, it may be wise to install brand new spares as they can help raise its value

Choose the best way forward depending on your requirements and other factors related to your purchase. You can get a lot of reputable forklift parts dealers online, whether you are in Atlanta or any other place. Never forget to do your groundwork to ensure that you are buying from the best and getting forklift oem parts for your money.

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