A Look at Fatal Forklift Accidents – Importance of Operator Training

Forklift safety is not something that you should take for granted. Despite the seemingly harmless appearance of the huge machines, they are responsible for about 85 fatalities every year. They also cause 35 thousand accidents that result in serious injuries and 61 thousand that give rise to minor injuries. That is why it is important to get the best forklift training before operating a forklift. In Atlanta, forklift training and licensing is not only a good idea but the law. According to the statistics, 11 percent of forklift trucks in the country will meet with some type of accident every year. The figures raise questions about the nature and quality of training being offered to forklift operators as well as the work processes being employed.

What are the common causes of fatal accidents?

If you employ forklift operators, it means that your operators have a high chance of meeting with an accident of some sort. According to the ITA, about 90 percent of all trucks meet with one type of accident of the other in the lifetime, which is estimated at 8 years. Some of the common causes of fatal forklift accidents include but are not restricted to:

  • Crushed by a forklift tipping over (42%)

  • Falling off a platform on the forklift (4%)

  • Struck or runover (10%)

  • Struck by a falling load (8%)

  • Crushed between two trucks (11%)

  • Crushed between a forklift truck and another surface (25%)

Where do accidents often occur?

To help company owners and forklift operators understand the gravity of the problem and appreciate the need for forklift training, we look at the common industries that experience fatal forklift accidents.

  • Manufacturing processes – 42.5 percent

  • Construction – 23.8 percent

  • Wholesale Trade Industry – 12.5 percent

  • Transportation Industry – 11 percent

  • Retail Industry – 9 percent

  • Mining – 1.2 percent

Way Forward

Whatever your industry, one thing is for certain, that you need to make sure that your forklift operators get the proper training. No industry is immune from forklift accidents, whether you use a new or salvaged forklift in Atlanta. It is worth noting that one common observation has always been that most of the accidents could have been prevented in the presence of forklift training, proper maintenance, and use of forklift oem parts. When buying your forklift parts from lift truck salvage sites, make sure they have been tested and also go for reputable training in the type of forklift in your fleet.

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