A Look at 5 Important Forklift Parts

Although all forklift parts are important, there are some that really stand out of the crowd. It also goes without saying that you need to get forklift oem parts every time your forklift trucks go for repairs or servicing. Let’s look at some equipment that is designed to avoid malfunctions and also ensure the safety of equipment, avoiding or minimizing possible accidents and injuries. Here are five pieces of such equipment.

The Operator

Before we come to any forklift parts, it is worth noting that the forklift operator is arguably the most important component in the functioning of any forklift. The operator is supposed to be trained and licensed. They must also receive all the extra safety training they and get in order to operate safely around job sites or in the warehouse. They must also know the workings of all the vital parts of a forklift. Most forklift accidents are due to operator error and making sure that your forklift operators are well trained goes a long way in ensuring safety.

Warning Indicators

The importance of the horn, lights, turn signals can never be overemphasized. They help prevent accidents by enabling the operator to communicate with other people working or walking around a job site or warehouse. It is important to make sure that your forklift trucks have fully functional warning indicators all the time. You can get good quality forklift warning indicators from forklift salvage parts providers.

Cockpit Controls

Another important part of a forklift truck is its cockpit controls. Whether or not they function properly can mean the difference between total safety in the workplace and an accident followed by an OSHA investigation. The interaction between the forklift and the operator is made possible by the presence of properly functioning cockpit controls. You can surely expect a hazard if there is any malfunction in the control or you assign an unlicensed person to operate it.


As with any other vehicle the tires are a very important part as they provide contact with the ground as well as traction. If you have balding, overly-worn, or cracked tires, you must take immediate action as you have a disaster waiting to happen. The situation is even more critical when it comes to forklift trucks as they don’t have any suspension.


Forklift trucks partly derive their name from the forks signifying their importance. They bear the weight of all loads that you haul and any compromise in their condition or configuration can spell disaster. Always take immediate action if you notice faulty or damaged forks. Know what to look for when you conduct regular inspections of your forks.

Trust Forklift OEM Parts

Whether you are looking for CAT forklift parts or any other brand, forklift salvage parts providers are a great place to shop and save. Make sure that the parts are forklift oem parts and that they are inspected before being put up for sale. Search online for reputable forklift salvage parts vendors and don’t forget to go through customer reviews.

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