Load Lifting Checklist for Forklift Operators

The safe operation of forklifts requires religious servicing with forklift oem parts and operator training and certification. While lifting and hauling loads may seem like childplay to amateurs, any mistake can easily lead to injury and damage. What remains important is making sure that shortcuts are always avoided when lifting loads. This blog shares some useful tips that you must leverage when lifting loads on a forklift.

What to do

  • Always make sure the load is not projecting, top-heavy, unequally lifting or unstable
  • The load should meet the rated forklift capacity. Take the load center and mask into consideration.
  • If you have no choice but to carry an unbalanced load, the heavy end must be positioned against the heel of the fork arms.
  • Re-stack the pallet before lifting if it is unevenly distributed
  • Always take the destination of the load into consideration as the ideal loading position may not be so when unloading.
  • Travel in reverse or get someone to help you with directions when transporting a load that obscures your vision.
  • Routinely check the condition of important load supports such as pallet and container. Damage or deterioration can result in the sudden collapse of block stacking.
  • It is advisable to avoid hauling more than one loaded pallet of any type and just one unloaded container pallet.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient space below the load to insert the forks. The forks must also be adequately spread to ensure load stability.
  • Employ special attachments such as reach forks, raw bars, and spreader bars to lift irregular loads.

Parting Word

Apart from ensuring the best safe practices are employed during the lifting and transporting of loads, there are several other measures that you must take to ensure optimum safety. Never hire an unlicensed person to operate a forklift and never skip maintenance when it falls due. Salvage forklifts parts help you keep your forklift trucks in tip-top condition and also help you save money. It is however important to make sure that you are getting forklift oem parts all the time. You can also get some form of warranty on your CAT forklift parts or Toyota forklift parts. Forklift Safety should always be your number one concern.

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