Intense Weather Tips for Forklift Operators

If your business uses forklifts in Atlanta, it helps to know how to operate the equipment in intense weather. Atlanta averages 2 days of snow every year and sees a hot season of 117 days with an average high of 81°F, and a cool season of 89 days that average a daily high of 60°F. One sure way to make sure your forklift trucks run smoothly whatever the weather you buy them new or from forklift salvage parts dealers. Intense weather is not uncommon in Atlanta and this blog helps you safely operate forklifts in different types of intense weather.

Operating a Forklift in the Heat

Heat affects your forklift operators as well as the forklifts themselves. There are various undesirable consequences of intense heat on your forklifts, especially on the fluids, which tend to evaporate faster. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your battery water and other fluid levels. Other components that suffer in the heat include belts that bear the brunt of getting overworked pumping the coolant throughout the engine. They also crack from the heat.

Operating Forklift in the Rain

Rain impacts so many aspects of forklift operation. That, coupled with the fact that it is a weather phenomenon that can occur anytime, makes the ability to operate a forklift in the rain a very important skill. Contrary to some notions, electric forklifts are totally safe to operate in the rain if they are water-resistant and splash-safe. What you must know, however, is that electric forklift gives you less power when compared with internal combustion lift trucks. This means that you may experience difficulty making your way through mud and other terrain.

Go for Forklift OEM Parts

Whatever you do, always make a point of buying forklift oem parts for your lift trucks. Forklift parts dealers in Atlanta sell CAT used forklift parts and Hyster used forklift parts at heavily discounted prices. The parts are tested to make sure they give you value for your money. Search the internet for options and do some background checks before parting with your money. Above all, make sure that your forklift operators know how to safely operate the lift trucks in intense weather.

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