Increasing The Lifespan Of Frequently Replaced Forklift Parts

As previously discussed in our blog on frequently replaced forklift parts, it is a fact that some forklift parts wear out faster than others and their replacement is inevitable. Before it becomes imperative to buy or replace, it is important to maintain a forklift in good shape for as long as it is in use. Forklifts fast moving parts include the brakes, tires, air and oil filters, amongst others. Dragging worn out parts for longer than necessary tends to give rise to a risk of compromised productivity and accidents, hence the need to replace them as and when the need arises. This blog shares some of the proven ways to make your forklift OEM parts last longer.

Towards forklift parts longevity

Buy forklift OEM parts

The first step to making sure that your forklift parts last long is installing forklift OEM parts all the time. Even when you go for salvage forklift parts, make sure they come with some form of limited warranty that guarantees that they have been tested and deemed fit to install as repair components. Apart from getting the right parts, you must also make sure that they are installed correctly and maintained according to manufacturer recommendations.

Engage in Good driving practices

It is important for forklift operators to engage in good driving practices. This includes avoiding practices such as unnecessary and sudden stepping on breaks. This can cause the screeching of the tires, which wears them out quickly.

Always have the right Air pressure in tires

The right amount of tire air pressure should be maintained at all times. This has a bearing on the suspension and the functioning and durability of a lot of other parts.

Lubrication is a must

All moving parts that experience friction and stress should be well lubricated at all times to avoid corrosion and wearing of metals. Dust covers should be in place all the time to avoid dirt from contaminating the forklift parts.

Fluid check-ups

  • – fluids should be regularly checked to make sure they are at the recommended levels.

Trust Absolute Lift Parts

It is always prudent to look into the availability of parts before buying a forklift truck. If you are looking to get forklift OEM parts at affordable prices, salvage forklift parts deserve your consideration. At Absolute Lift Parts, we are a one-stop-shop for all forklift things. Call us today at 877-475-5438 or mail to to get answers to all your questions on used forklift parts.

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