The Importance of a Forklift Seat Belt

The need to safely operate forklift trucks can never be overemphasized. A lot of discussions have been devoted to covering various important practices that should be second nature to forklift owners and operators. This includes operator training, maintenance, and considerations when buying parts, whether new or from forklift salvage dealers. One thing that often tends to get overlooked during such discourse is the seat belt. This blog shares delves into the importance of a forklift seat belt.

Why Seat belts?

There is no denying that seat belts save lives. That is why having a properly functioning seat belt and using it are not optional, but the law. A forklift seat belt protects the operator from, perhaps the greatest danger that they face, getting panicked and trying to jump when the truck is tipping over. Jumping when the forklift truck is tipping over often sees the operator getting crushed by a machine weighing tons.

Tipping Accidents in the US

Tipping accidents account for 25 percent of all forklift accidents in the US and lead to 40 fatalities every year. Forklifts weigh approximately 9,000 lbs, which makes them capable of splintering a leg or liquefying an arm to such an extent that there is no hope for repair even by the best surgeons. During a tipping accident:

  • Invest every effort to stay in the confines of the overhead guard

  • Brace the upper body and keep hands on the steering

  • Push your feet into the floor of the forklift while bracing the lower body in the seat

  • Note the point of impact and lean away from it

Seat belt Regulations

Failure by an operator to use a seat belt may result in the employer being cited by the OHSA compliance officer under the General Duty Clause. OHSA CFR 1910. 178 does not address the seat belt issue directly. The General Duty Clause states that each worker shall furnish a state of employment free from known hazards that are likely to result in death or serious bodily harm.

Improve Workplace Safety

It is important to check how many operators are wearing their seat belts and risking their lives every time you walk into the workshop or visit a job site. The problem also has huge financial implications as the average fine for a citation is $1, 500. It is also important to go for forklift oem parts, whether you are going for new or used forklift parts. You can find all the important parts at heavily discounted prices from salvaged forklifts in Atlanta.

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