Forklift Truck Operation and Maintenance Don’ts

Millions of people use forklift for various tasks across the US. This fact, couple with the high number of forklift accidents means that safety in the operation of forklift can never be overemphasized. There are many benefits to having well-maintained forklifts, well-trained operators, ad appropriately designed warehouse pathways. Salvage forklift parts can help you get access to forklift oem parts at affordable prices to make sure that your forklift trucks are always in the better working condition. There is several don’ts that also have to become second nature. Let’s dig in.


  • Operate forklift trucks that have been designated as being faulty, undergoing maintenance or yet to be inspected.

  • Park the lift truck on a slope. Make sure to park it where the ground is level

  • Use any equipment that fails to meet safety operation standards according to the checklist in use

  • Overload the forklift as it not only damages its lifting elements but also results in an unstable load

  • Drive a forklift truck while the load is elevated

  • Drive at more than 2 mph or 15 mph, inside and outside respectively

  • Attempt cornering when the front and back wheels are at different heights

  • Carry passengers in the truck or use the forks and pallets to raise them

  • Operate the lift truck while your vision is obscured

  • Leave a forklift unattended or allow unlicensed people to operate

  • Don’t buy salvage forklift parts that have not been tested

  • Use parts that are not forklift oem parts

  • Put off maintenance when its due

  • Ride on or under the load

  • Operate the lift truck outside designated areas

  • Ignore safety recommendations

Parting Shot

Forklift safety is paramount for every business organization and operator. Make sure that only trained and licensed workers get access to the forklift trucks and that they never skip service. When shopping for forklift oem parts on budget, you can settle for forklift salvage parts, although you need to make sure they have been tested. You can find reputable providers of all salvage forklift parts from Hyster used forklift parts to Mitsubishi used forklift parts.


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