Forklift Parts You Must Replace Regularly

Since 1906 industrial trucks have been manufactured by companies such as Hyster, Yale, Toyota and Mitsubishi. These forklifts are a combination of thousands of parts. These parts need to be regularly checked, repaired, and replaced if necessary, and used forklift parts for sale online give you access to the right forklift oem parts for your make and model. Although all forklift parts are important, they are not made equal. Here are some important forklift parts that you must definitely replace on a regular basis.

Electric motors

Don’t get into the habit of only replacing your forklift electric motors after they die. Such an approach exposes you to compromised performance as the motors fade away and downtimes, when they finally give up. Always consider replacement when you are not getting the performance that you come to expect. Contact a provider of oem used forklift parts for sale and don’t forget to have your forklift model and serial number information at hand when you call.

Brakes and Tires

The interaction between the road and the rubber exerts so much stress on your tires producing a great deal of wear and tear. The tires, bearings, and brake shoes are at the receiving end of this battering, which is why you must regularly check them before operating the forklift everyday. Get them repaired or replaced as and when necessary. If you decide to go for used forklift parts for sale, make sure they are forklift oem parts that have been tested and feature some form of limited warranty.

Air and oil filters

Never let your forklift filters get old and worn out as this can be very harmful to your truck. Some of the negative effects of having old and worn out filters on your forklift truck include compromised performance and fuel economy. Absolute Lift Parts provides forklift parts for sale that include a comprehensive selection of air and oil filters for all popular makes and models.

We are here for you!

Apart from the parts discussed above, you also need to pay the same amount of focus to forklift mast parts and safety elements, such as having working horns, bright lights, and functional strobe, blue spot, and tail lights. Contact Absolute Lift Parts today to get awesome deals on used forklift oem parts for your truck truck. Call us to discuss your requirement or get more information at (877) 475-5438. You can also mail us at

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