Dumb Things NOT To Do With Your Forklift

Not all forklift accidents happen while people are engaged in their normal day to day activities. Sometimes it takes an unmatched level of recklessness to make accidents become a reality. It is always important to remain mindful of the fact that forklift trucks can be dangerous if misused or abused and they are not recreational by any stretch of the imagination. Forklift parts for sale can also be expensive if you cause any damage to the truck. Because there are still some ‘wiseguys’ who unfortunately experiment with forklifts every now and then, we present the list of activities not to do with a forklift.


Using heavy equipment such as forklifts for racing is unprofessional, dangerous, and plain stupid. Forklift operators must know that this is a strict ‘NO’ and any violation is heavily sanctioned.

Leaving a running forklift unattended

You must never leave your forklift running when it is not in use or leave the keys in the ignition while it is unattended. A lot of things can go wrong in such a situation, which is why it must be avoided.

Operating a forklift that needs repairs

If your forklift desperately needs repairs, you must avoid using it for work. Get the necessary forklift repair or maintenance work done to avoid the risk of accidents or causing more damage to the forklift. Absolute Lift Parts provides used forklift parts and salvage forklift parts for sale to help you keep your fleet in tip-top condition.

Operating a forklift under the influence

Never operate a forklift while intoxicated. It is not only unprofessional but asking for trouble. There is a good reason why operating heavy machinery or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not allowed.

Other practices

There are a lot of other unsafe practices that you must avoid such as forklift jousting, using forklifts as tow trucks, and any other purpose for which it is not originally intended.

We can Help

Absolute Lift Parts offers used forklift parts and salvage forklift parts to help you keep your forklift working efficiently and last longer. Call us today to discuss your requirement for used forklift parts for sale in Atlanta at 770-692-1451 or mail to sales@absoluteliftparts.com. You can also Message Us.

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