Dangers of Forklift Operation Without a License

Forklift operator training is very crucial for workplace health and safety, despite being overlooked by many. The law forbids the hiring of unlicensed people as forklift operators, and for good reason. It is only when you know the nature of risks associated with operating a forklift without a license that you can begin to truly appreciate the importance of driver training and licensing. This complements other efforts such as servicing and making sure that only oem forklift parts are installed. In this blog, we look at some of the common dangers associated with amateur forklift operation.

What are the Risks?

Forklift trucks are very powerful tools that can do more harm than good when placed in the wrong hands. Some of the risks that you open yourself to when you hire untrained people to operate forklifts include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Loss of life

  • Injuries to workers, customers, or pedestrians

  • Compensation costs

  • Damaged loads, materials, equipment and facilities

  • A damaged reputation

  • Fines and even conviction

  • Loss of business

What Makes Forklift Trucks Dangerous in the Wrong Hands?

  • Forklift trucks are very heavy and powerful despite the fact that it is not always apparent from appearances. This makes it dangerous to allow untrained to operate the forklift, essentially discovering how to maneuver and operate the forklift on the job.

  • Even trained operators need refresher training every now and then to get rid of any acquired bad habits and learn new techniques. This makes an untrained person totally unsuitable to operate a forklift.

  • Even when travelling at low speeds, forklift trucks are still dangerous. Its total weight to come up to 13227.74 lbs if you account for the counterbalance, forks, and load.


Forklift operator training does not only contribute to better health and safety in the workplace, but also helps improve productivity, efficiency, and the effective lifespan of your forklift trucks. Your oem forklift spares will also give you better value for your money, whether new or salvage forklift parts. Whenever shopping for salvage forklift parts, make sure that they have been tested or come with some form of warranty. You can bag affordable Used Caterpillar OEM Parts and Used Toyota OEM Parts online in Atlanta.

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