Your Daily Forklift Maintenance Checklist

It is essential to establish if your forklift is ready for the day’s work before you take it into action. Daily forklift maintenance helps you stay on top of your forklift health, protecting you from expensive repairs and accidents. You get the opportunity to solve issues and buy new or used forklift parts as replacements for those that are going out of commission. In this blog, we present a daily forklift maintenance checklist that you can stick to.

Before starting the engine

Start with exterior parts

  • Check to see whether or not your forklift tires need to be replaced or adjusted for pressure.
  • Also check to see whether or not your forklift truck’s forks need servicing.
  • Check under the forklift for oil, fuel, and coolant leaks

Proceed to the engine

  • Move to the engine compartment and check whether or not there is need for an oil change.
  • Check the belts for wear and tear and inspect fuel lines for leaks.
  • Also take time to tighten hose clamps

Lubricate all parts

When the forklift engine is running


  • If the warning lights and headlights are working properly

  • Whether the exhaust is freely emitting smoke

  • Whether seatbelts are working properly

  • If the horn is audible in a busy environment


You must make sure to take your forklift truck for repairs if you notice any developing issues. Contact us to discuss the problem and get expert help on charting the way forward. Taking action to nip problems in the bud helps keep away lengthy downtimes and expensive repairs that maybe necessary if the problem worsens. Unattended issues can also result in accident, injuries, and even loss of life in and around the job site. Used forklift parts help you take care of most issues at a fraction of the cost ensuring that your forklift truck remains fully productive. Call us today to discuss your requirement for new, used, or salvage forklift parts. You can reach us at 877-475-5438 – toll free or at our international phone number 770-692-1451.

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