Combating Overheating Of Your Forklift Truck

There are many issues that arise on a day-to-day basis for forklift truck owners and operators. That is why it is advisable to always wise to keep information on the best forklift maintenance and repair service providers as well as providers of new and used forklift oem parts. Not all problems are immediately apparent as some know at vital components until you have to face expensive repairs. In this blog, we look at some common reasons why your forklift truck may be overheating.

Lack of Maintenance

This is the most obvious and overlooked reason why most forklift trucks overheat. If your forklift truck gets in the habit of overheating, chances are routine maintenance tasks are being overlooked. Worn hoses and low coolant levels often contribute to the overheating of your forklift. Another usual problem is using forklift parts way past their useful life. If you don’t have the enough for brand new parts, get in touch with us for used Toyota, Nissan, Hyster, and Caterpillar forklift parts. Parts such as clogged filters, damaged radiators, worn fans crank up your forklift truck’s temperatures and can result in costly repairs if unattended.


Another reason behind an overheating forklift that is often hiding in plain sight is the forklift operator. Overheating can result from improper forklift operation or use. Hauling loads that are way beyond the forklift’s capacity can result in such a problem and even accidents and injuries. Also avoid mistakes such as using the inching pedal while driving.


The terrain can demand more of your forklift resulting in overheating. Operating the forklift in conditions of excessive debris or dust, or on rough terrain can be taxing on your forklift and worse if it has not been receiving regular services. The temperatures you work in, with regards to the weather also have a bearing on how your must operate the forklift. In conditions of excessive heat, get more frequent breaks and make sure to constantly top up the fluids.

We are here to help!

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