A Closer Look at Forklift Operator Training

A lot of heavy lifting in different industries and companies is made easy by the use of forklift trucks. The importance of safety when working with forklift trucks makes it vital to make sure that oem forklift parts are installed whenever they go for repairs and that all forklift operators are properly trained and licensed. Most accidents associated with forklifts occur due to operator error, which is why training and licensing is very important if you want to work as a forklift operator or hire one.

What Makes Training Important?

Like every workplace, there are safety precautions that must be followed to avoid any accidents and injuries. Training for forklift operators is not only a good idea in terms of preventing accidents and injuries, it is he law. Accidents and injuries pose a real threat on the operations and profitability of business organizations. Training afford prospective operators a chance to learn how the machine works, how to fork and lift, how to balance the load on the fork, how much load to lift, and also know the rules and regulations of using the forklift under the OSHA law.

What is the format of the Training?

Forklift operator training includes informative classroom sessions that feature Interactive discussions, models, Video and PowerPoint presentations. Trainees also sit for a written test that probes student comprehension. Another important component of forklift operator training is ‘on the equipment’ evaluation. This comprises pre-operational equipment inspection, operational instruction and pass/fail operational tests. Major topics that are covered during forklift operator training include

  • OSHA Requirements (understanding & regulation)

  • Controls & Instrumentation

  • Refueling

  • Engine Operation and Maintenance

  • Steering and Maneuvering

  • Visibility, Fork & Attachment Limitations

  • Rated Capacities, Stability

  • Inspection & Maintenance

  • Load Manipulation

  • Pedestrians

  • Hazardous Locations & Rough Terrain Operation

Getting a forklift operator license in Atlanta also requires some health checks for the safety of other workers that work around the forklift. If it is discovered that your workers are operating forklifts without any licenses, a penalty of up to $7000 will be charged per unlicensed employee when the inspection is conducted.

Parting Shot

Remember that safety in the workplace is of paramount importance and every little effort in the right direction goes a long way. Make sure your forklifts are regularly serviced and fitted with forklift oem parts. Even when you go for salvage forklift parts, make sure they have been tested. You can bag forklift oem parts at salvage forklift parts dealers, including CAT forklift parts, Toyota forklift parts and Yale forklift parts. Never let unlicensed people operate forklifts make sure operators and other workers have received adequate workplace safety training.

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