Basics of Forklift Operation in Summer

Forklift trucks can be used indoors and outdoors. Operating a forklift outdoors exposes you to the elements which can be a pleasant or bad experience depending on the time of the year. While summer brings the welcome sunshine, it is important to know how to adjust your work strategy when the heat intensifies. Such knowledge works to improve workplace safety and health by complementing efforts such as operator training, servicing, and making sure that OEM forklift parts are installed every time during repairs.

What you Need to Do

It can be difficult to work in the sun, especially when it gets humid. Failure to exercise safety precautions exposes you to the risk of suffering heat stroke, dehydration, and acute fatigue. The steps you need to take to when working in the summer heat to champion good health and safety include:

Take Less Coffee and Get Adequate Sleep

During the summer, it is important to get enough sleep before coming to work. Treat yourself to a healthy satiating breakfast and remember that the summer heat makes the work even more tiring and you don’t want to be drifting in and out of consciousness while operating a forklift truck. Keep coffee to a minimum as it can contribute to dehydration or even cause a crash of energy.

Take more Breaks

Although 15-minute breaks are always important regardless of the weather, the summer heat demands that you increase the frequency. You must also re-hydrate throughout the day to combat dehydration. 8 to 12 glasses of water per day is a healthy quantity to prevent dehydration and you can increase the intake if you are engaged in heavy work.

Protect Against Sunburn

Working outside all day even in moderate heat can result in your skin being burnt. Make sure that all exposed and vulnerable areas are treated to some protection before you set out for work.

Safety First

A lot of forklift accidents that occur in the summer are a result of human error due to dehydration, fatigue, or other causes related to the heat. Make sure you take all necessary steps to protect yourself from the effects of working outdoors all day in the heat and humidity. For total workplace safety, make sure your forklift is suitable and fit for the job. It must be fitted with the appropriate attachments and OEM forklift parts every time it goes for repairs. If you are shopping for parts on budget, salvage forklift parts are the way to go. You can also get hard-to-find forklift oem parts when you visit reputable providers of salvage forklift parts.

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