Some Basic Information About Buying Forklift Spares

Hunting for forklift parts for new or late model forklift can be a challenge. This is especially true if you are shopping on budget or the parts you are looking for have gone out of production. When you buy a forklift, it is important to ask your supplier if they have aftermarket options. You can also search the internet for salvage forklift parts that are available at heavily discounted prices. This blog shares a few tips to help you in your hunt for forklift oem parts.

What you Need to Know

All forklift spare parts that are manufactured and distributed come with a unique product codes. What makes shopping for oem forklift parts often difficult is that 15 – 20 percent of the product codes featured in the manual are superseded within the first 5 years of the forklift’s manufacture. Product codes are superseded when the spare part design goes through some changes or gets replaced. Some of the instances that constitute modification include:

  • Replacement of faulty parts

  • Tint variation

  • A new supplier for production

  • Differences in the metal compound

Product Codes

Another issue that may make finding oem forklift spares hard is that every forklift truck that is manufactured has its own codes for the various parts and components even when the same parts are available on different models. This means that the part that you need for your forklift truck can actually be available in different product codes.

Forklift Information

When shopping for forklift spares, there is some vital information that you need to posses in order for a spare parts interpreter or dealer of new or salvage forklift parts to help you. The basic information that you ought to have includes make, model, and serial number. You can find this information in the driver’s compartment of your forklift on the compliance plate/load plate/rating plate. The MAKE identifies the forklift oem, the MODEL identifies the engine, while the serial number identifies the build year.

Get Value for your Money

When shopping for aftermarket oem forklift parts at salvage forklift parts dealers, always make sure that they have been tested. You can also get some limited form of warranty on certain salvage forklift parts if you search carefully. Buy from dealers that have a record of providing high quality forklift oem parts.

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