Is It Advisable to Buy Salvage Forklift Parts?

Most forklift parts have their full potential and life span on which, regardless of good maintenance or sourcing of forklift OEM parts, will get worn and torn beyond repair. At this point it becomes inescapable to purchase a new part to replace the worn out piece. Buying new forklift parts can be expensive or straight up impossible when it comes to some old models. At such times, used and salvage forklifts present a golden opportunity to land the desired parts. Absolute Lift Parts supplies used, and salvage forklift parts at competitive prices. This blog looks at whether or not it is advisable to buy salvage forklift parts.

Salvage parts remanufacture

How are salvage forklift parts manufactured?

Salvage forklift parts are not just retrieved from the old forklifts and sold directly to the buyers. Some are remanufactured, which means after retrieval, the wearable parts are replaced by new ones regardless of whether they are still new or not, making them last longer. This is different from rebuilding in which just the worn-out parts are replaced.


The salvaged forklift parts will go through various cleaning processes to scrap off all grime and dirt, and expose all surfaces before testing and remanufacturing begins


The replacement process involves the removal of all parts that can be dismantled during remanufacturing so that more durable forklift parts are produced. For instance, the engine can be dismantled and the pistons, rings, spark plugs, valves filters and valve springs are replaced with OEM forklift parts during remanufacturing.


A test run of the remanufactured part is done to ensure conformity to specifications of the OEM. This ensures the durability of the salvage part and guarantees a life span which is justifies the purchase.

Let’s talk forklift parts

Salvage forklift parts are cheap and sometimes just as good as new parts when it comes to durability. If you are looking to get forklift OEM parts at affordable prices, salvage forklift parts deserve your consideration. At Absolute Lift Parts, we are a one-stop-shop for all things forklifts. Call us today at 877-475-5438 or mail to to get answers to all your questions on forklift parts.

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