5 Tips to Operating a Forklift Safely

Safety is paramount when operating forklifts. Safety is maintained through the adoption of a proper service regime, use of forklift oem parts, operator training, and fostering the best safety practices in the workplace and at job sites. You must also make sure that you buy a forklift that meets your requirements whether you are shopping at showrooms or sites that provide salvage forklifts in Atlanta. To help you in your quest for workplace safety, we share a few tips for safe forklift operation.

Only qualified and licensed people must operate forklifts

Safety and the law dictates that only qualified and licensed people must operate forklifts or be employed as forklift operators. Over 85 fatalities occur every year from forklift accidents, making it important to make sure that you have eliminated or minimized chances of accidents by having qualified and licensed operators.

Operators must wear appropriate clothing

It is important that operators wear the necessary safety clothing such as a hard hat, high visibility jackets, and safety shoes. The clothes must fit snugly to avoid any loose parts that may get caught in moving machine parts.

Always maintain a safe speed

It is easy to get excited or caught up in the moment when operating a forklift. You must never go past the speed limit. Negotiate corners and all turns slowly to avoid tipping and also maintain full awareness of your surroundings. Any changes in direction stops should be done gradually.

Make sure loads are secure and stable

Inspect your loads every time for stability and damage before hauling them. Make sure the forks are sitting low and the load is tilted back to enhance truck stability during transporting. If the load is not safe or stable, do not move it. The loads should be stacked and positioned correctly across the forks and you must eliminate the presence of any overhead objects when lifting and stacking.

Keep the mast clear

Forklifts are only meant for carrying loads. You must never allow people to walk under or stand on forklift trucks or the load. It is also important to keep away your hands away from the mast’s cross members as you can be seriously injured in the vent of the mast getting lowered.

Go for forklift oem parts

The quality and health of the forklift truck also has a bearing on its safe operation. That is why it is important to always go for forklift oem parts whether you buying them brand new or hunting at providers of salvage forklifts in Atlanta. Salvage forklift parts should only be bought from dealers that test them and even provide some form of warranty. You can get great deals on Hyster used forklift parts or even CAT used forklift parts when you go for used parts for your lifts.

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  • May 8, 2018 at 11:49 am

    I like how you suggested wearing safety boots when working with forklifts. My brother works with forklifts at this job. Thanks for the tips on operating a forklift safely.


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