5 Key Warehouse Safety Principles

Apart from making sure that your forklift trucks are regularly serviced and fitted with forklift oem parts, and training your forklift operators on safety, there is a lot that you can also do to make sure that your warehouse is safe. A lot of preventable accidents occur in the workplace if appropriate measures are not taken to ensure safety. Minimizing or eliminating the risk of injury in the workplace also help reduce workplace disruptions. This blog shares five tips for improved warehouse safety.

Designate and clearly label hazardous zones

You should store all dangerous equipment and forklift attachments away in a safe and clearly labeled area. It is also important to establish and mark safe walkways. Panting black and white stripes on the floor of the designated areas allows employees to clearly notice it and keep away or exercise due caution.

Always use safety equipment

Always use hydraulic dollies or forklift trucks to lift heavy items in the warehouse. Employees must also always wear hard hats and protective eye-wear as and when required. You should conduct emergency drills and make sure that every employee knows all the emergency exits. The exits should also be clearly marked and sprinklers located on the roof should never be blocked.

Always go for safe lifting options

Whenever you need to haul a load, it is important to discover the best transportation option. In the event that lifting is the most feasible option, check the route for any obstacles and the availability of adequate space to maneuver. It is advisable to always go for push as opposed to pull, and make sure the load never obstructs the lifter’s view.

Eliminate all known and potential hazards

Always make sure that warehouse floors are free from oil spills, stray cords, and other hazards. It is important to make sure that employees appreciate the value of such practices and that they regularly check warehouse floors.

Wrap Up

Warehouse safety is very important and worth all the effort and time that goes into extra employee training, and installation and use of safety equipment, among others. When shopping for salvage forklift spares, make sure they are forklift oem parts and that they have been tested. You can also get some warranty when you buy CAT forklift parts, Toyota forklift parts, and Hyster forklift parts.

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