5 Most Common Types of Forklifts

Forklifts are one of the most used tools when it comes to industrial machinery. An essential for various business owners, they are needed to load and unload trucks, transport crates, drums, and other equipment in various environments that include construction sites to warehouses to recycling centers and junkyards, among others. You can also use a forklift in outdoor spaces to transport different materials. In fact, many owners utilize these machines, with a broom attachment, to sweep dock floors and parking lots. Although you can find a wide variety of forklifts at salvage forklift sales in Atlanta, finalizing a package that’s optimal for your specific requirement is not easy. Let’s look at five common types of forklifts that you should know.  

1. Counterbalance Lift

Counterbalance Lift is the most commonly used forklifts in warehouses, distribution systems, and even big box retails, where there’s a need for loading and stacking huge amounts of materials. Simple to use and engineered with the capability to operate in harsh outdoor conditions, this type of forklift is heavier on the back to counterbalance the load on the front. Counterbalance Lifts are available in propane, electric, and diesel trims and are one of the most comfortable forklifts to use, as they come with a comfortable seating position and easy controls. You can find a variety of such forklifts at salvage forklift sales in Atlanta.

2. Dockstocker Lift

Dockstocker Lifts are a type of counterbalanced trucks ideal for rough dock applications. They are engineered in a way that you can operate them either sitting or standing, due to which many people prefer them over other forklifts. The weight distribution of the lift type is similar to a counterbalanced lift, which it has more weight on the back to help the operator counter the loads at the front. As you can use multiple attachments with Dockstocker lifts, they are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

3. Walkie Truck

Walkie trucks, as the name is, are usually designed in a way that the operator has to walk while carrying the load behind them. There are a few models, however, that come with a platform that allows you to stand and move with the truck while operating it. Given their small size, walkie trucks are perfect for moving, stacking, and storing goods in compact environments. You control the machine through a handle throttle that lets you move the weight forward and backward, besides the ability to stop it. There’s also the Double Walkie trucks that have the capability to lift two pallets at once.

4. Order Picker/Cherry Picker

Cherry Pickers are typically meant to help operators move and store goods at medium to high levels. Suitable for maneuvering in narrow aisles, they are commonly used in warehouses for order picking. One of the most effective forklifts, Order Pickers, unlike other forklifts, allow you to raise and lower yourself while you operate them. This capability makes them an ideal choice for various environments where you need to store small articles at greater heights.

5. Reach Lift

If you are looking for a forklift that can help store goods at the highest levels, then a Reach Lift is the answer. Used primarily for indoor works, these lifts are built with forks and stabilizing legs, which allow reaching heights that other forklifts cannot. Like Walkie Trucks, Reach Lifts are available as Double Reach Lifts that, with its extended forks, allow you to move objects to greater heights, besides the capability to grab two pallets from one racking.

Purchase the Right Forklift at an Economical Price!

Forklifts are essentials for many businesses, as they cannot be replaced by other tools. They are required in manufacturing plants, lumber yards, warehouses, and construction sites. They are a significant investment that deserves proper maintenance and installation of forklift oem parts. Even if you buy used forklift parts at salvage forklift sales and auctions in Atlanta, make sure they have been tested, and if possible, accompanied by a limited warranty.

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