3 Signs Your Forklift Is Due For Maintenance

Among all the positive attributes that you may have as a forklift owner, renter, or driver, knowing when it is due for service ranks in importance. There are several clues that should tell you when it’s time to give your forklift truck a visit to reputable forklift service providers. Before going any further, the first indication that your forklift is due for service is having gone six months since the last visit. Six months in forklift life amounts to roughly 250 hours of work or more, provided you get forklift oem parts every time you take it for repairs or service. According to recommendations by most forklift manufacturers, you must take your forklift for maintenance between three and six months to spot and eliminate potential problems. Here are 3 notable signs that your forklift is due for maintenance.

Worn Forks

Damaged forks can’t optimally transport loads. This increases the chances of hazards such as dropping the load, damaging the goods or even injuries to people. Damage to forks may occur as they pick, transport, and unload equipment or goods. A fork wear caliper is a specialized tool to measure blade heel for wear. If the tool records a 10 percent reduction in the size of the fork, it essentially means that its capacity has decreases by double that amount. It may be time to install a new fork. One way to notice worn forks before measuring is the presence of surface cracks, dents, or misalignment.

Oil Leaks

Forklifts with oil leaks are easy to spot as they often leave a noticeable trail of oil in their wake. Oil leaks signify problems with the forklift and also pose a real danger to other lift trucks and people working and passing around the work site. Oil is essential in lubricating the extended mast and the presence of leaks means that there is less available for that purpose. An oil deficiency also causes parts to experience more friction and heat, which accelerates wear and destroys some parts. Although topping-up the oil is a feasible stop-gap measure, it is ill-advised to do so for extended periods before taking it to experienced forklift service providers for repairs.

Damaged Chain

If you properly lubricate your forklift chain, it will last you up to 6,000 of work. Failure to notice the danger signs related to chain failure may result in damage to the forklift, load, and injuries around the workplace. Warning signs include rust, kinking, or corrosion. Check for wear on the pinheads, link plates, and chain elongation.

Let Professionals Help

To make sure that your forklift performs optimally for as long as possible, and remains safe to work with, you need the help of professional forklift service providers in Atlanta and other areas. Providers of forklifts for lease or forklift sales often extend expert forklift maintenance services. Search for providers affordable used forklift parts online at websites that provide forklift salvage services. Salvage forklifts in Atlanta give you access to all popular makes and models at competitive prices. The parts are tested before going on sale to ensure that you get maximum value for your investment. Some used forklift parts providers even provide warranties.

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