3 Expensive Forklift Repairs and How to Avoid Them

The last mistake you want to commit as a forklift owner or operator is to believe that your forklift truck is somehow invincible. Regular forklift maintenance including the replaced of damaged and worn parts with new or used forklift parts remains important to keep your forklift operating optimally and avoid expensive repairs. In this blog, we look at some of the ways you can avoid three expensive repairs for your forklift trucks.

Radiator replacement

If your forklift truck does not have a regular service plan and it breaks down, you run the risk of having to replace the radiator, and air and fuel filters, as well as paying for a tuneup. The total cost can reach almost $ 3000, which will set you back a great deal. That is why it important to inspect your forklift regularly and engage in cheap but necessary timely actions such as replacement of bad hoses. Absolute Lift Parts gives you access to a comprehensive collection of new and used Caterpillar forklift parts, Nissan used forklift parts, Hyster used fork lift parts, and Toyota used fork lift parts to help keep your fleet running and avoid expensive repairs.

Electric vehicle repairs

One mistake that some electric forklift owners and operators make is assuming that they don’t need regular maintenance. In the absence of regular maintenance, repair costs can get astronomical. Make sure to take care of your electric forklift’s due diligence by getting it inspected every few months with special emphasis on the brakes and battery.

Old Forklift Repairs

An old forklift fleet demands a planned maintenance regime. Unlike new trucks, old forklifts don’t respond well to neglect, and the result is often expensive repairs. Salvage forklift parts feature many parts that are out of production, allowing you to keep your old forklift running optimally.

Get Absolute Lift Parts!

There are many other costly repairs that you can avoid through regular general and targeted inspections. You don’t need to break the bank to keep your forklift running and avoid expensive forklift repairs. Absolute Lift Trucks provides new and used forklift oem parts for all the popular brands and models. Talk to us today to get help with your requirement. You can reach our used forklift parts experts at 877-475-5438 – toll free, or our international number 770-692-1451.

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